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  • Posted On: 5/24/2020 9:33:50 PM ,  
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The ultra-fine powder keeps skin silky, smooth, fresh and dry for a comfortable feeling all day long. The aromatic talc blends quickly and absorbs moisture in no time. It protects from skin irritation even in the most demanding environments. MRP:193 DP:148 SMALL PACK OF 100G IS ALSO AVAILABLE MRP:72 DP:60 ***** JOINING IS FREE***** 1 ANY ONE CAN JOIN 2 NO AGE LIMIT 3 NO TIME LIMIT 4 NO TARGERT 5 NO BOSS 6NO LOSS 6 PRODUCT IS GIVEN 20% LESS THAN MRP TO MEMBERS ONLY+ONE FREEGIFT ON PURCHASE OF 1001,2001,3001,5001+ COMMITION IN BANK AC 60% INCOME FROM HOME ONLY DOCUMENT REQUIRED 1 PAN CARD 2 ADHARCARD 3 BANK PASSBOOK

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